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Sunday, 17 May 2015


Laptop Buying Guide: Things To Be Considered While Buying a Laptop.

          In this era, laptop is very important for every university student. You should be very careful while buying the laptop, which lasts throughout your university education. There are some things you must be care about those and this is the clear guide, why you should be careful?


 Think twice before buying a expensive item

Things to be considered to buy the laptop:

         If you are thinking to buy the laptop then 3 things suddenly comes in your mind those are..read on…

Ø  Budget of laptop:

                   You must buy which is sufficient including specifications and they must be up to your mark and must and should within your budget. I don’t much talk about budget of laptop because that’s your choice. I recommend you to buy the laptop which prices above $500(In India 30,000INR).

Ø  Brand:

      When it comes to the brand names comes in mind those are Apple, Sony, Dell, Lenevo, Accer, Asus, etc…..the leading brands in the market. I think you liked one of among these. Its your choice which brand you choose means you liked it, then you see about what are the specifications present out at your brand and they may not touch your mark and you have to change your decision before you like it. You must choosy about these things(gadgets).

Ø  Specifications:

       You must know about all the specifications. Look at all the specs given below.

Battery life:

              Nothing to talk about this only thing is to choose more battery life. The laptop must had at least 4 to 5hour battery backup. If there is a no availability of power then the laptop must order to work.  

• Hard Drive:

             The 500GB is enough for any kind of person but if you want more and you should spare high. 500GB  is sufficient for students and if you running the cybercafé or photo shop, then its better to have above 1TB.   

• RAM:

             Ram is nothing but the memory used for running applications. The more applications you use and the more RAM you need to have. One thing you should remember if you want to spare extra bucks then 4GB or above than this is better. 2GB RAM is sufficient better for students. You want high speed processing laptop then you must need to have more RAM.

• Display:

        Now a days, the laptops are coming with the 15.6 inch display. There are plenty of laptops available in the market lesser than this screen size. select the laptop with higher screen size.

Ø  Touchscreen:

  There is no use of touch screen laptop if you want to buy, because it consumes more power means higher than non-touch laptops. Operating is easy and it brings happiness when you use touch screen laptop and is the advantage of this. It costs higher than non-touchscreen, if you want to spend more money then go for touch screen.

• Processor:

             Choose the laptop with high configuration processor. Those who want to buy the intel processor. I will recommend you to buy the i5 or greater than this and i3 is ok for student purpose and one more thing nowadays there are different kind of cores are available “Dual core” processor is basic and but is good for “Triple core” or “quad core”.


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Saturday, 16 May 2015

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Top 10 Tech Cities in The World.

       This is the era of technology. The car with a 500kmph speed, lightening speed of internet connection, shopping in home just with a app through which you can get delivered all things to your home and these all will develop a city as a tech city and which am wiring about, let read on…..     

Best Cities For Tech Jobs:        

Tokyo (Japan):



       The most popular and high-tech city in the world. Its just in Japan. A high speed public transformation system, advanced electronics and giga technology. The brand Sony is invented by Japan. The popular tech industries in Japan are Sony, Nikon and Panasonic etc…   

San Francisko Bay Area (California):



      The micro technology was first developed in this city. The name silicon valley is acquired by the city because of plenty of computer companies developed the silicon micro chips here.
     Intel, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Yeah, Apple are started here. The city with connected bus service and free Wi-Fi and touch screen maps. The city has biggest wireless project ever, it provides free Wi-Fi over 4.2 million residents. The project is to offer 1MBPS wireless internet free of charge and this is planned by the IBM and Cisko.   

Seoul (South Korea):



      The largest city of south corea and the capital also. It is the head quarters of Samsung, Lg, Hyundai and Kia are the popular business companies here.
       Internet access in Seoul is very cheap and offers $20 per month for 10Mbps connection. Then they also offer 100Mbps for $30 means you can download high definition movie in just five minutes. 

Seattle (Washington):



      One of the major cities of US,Bill gates developed the microsoft offices throughout the city got many followers. That’s it.

Taipei (Taiwan):



     World’s largest Wi-Fi city, has a biggest wireless network called as a wireless “cyber city”.
     Q-Ware corp built a wireless network containing more than 20,000 access points and provides more than 90% people in Taipei.
     Wi-Fi is available for very cheap that is $12 for month. The city has a 2.6 million people in 105 square mile area. when you talk about  wireless network Taipei in the ace position.  

Hong Kong (China):



     Hong Kong is the capital of China. The city uses smart card system for easier transport and communication. The broadband in the Hong Kong city is provided by the leading IT company HKBN(Hong Kong Broadband Network). It provides 10Mbps connection for $16 per month. Then 100Mbps costs $34 per month and it also has the broadband TV service provided by HKBN consist of more than 70 channels.
    The broadband phone which capable of video conferencing, instant messaging and offers many more features for just $6. Totally Hong Kong has the robots operated restaurants, hi speed internet and various Wi-Fi zones.




      Singapore the richest city in the world and tech Utopia! You are just thinking about the cost of the wireless broadband in the city? Its absolutely free. The internet connection in the Singapore costs $77 at 30Mbps per month. You can freely access 4Mbps in the city. The city has developed IT companies in next 10 years and the government plans for 1lakh new jobs. Improving broadband facilities 90% and developing the IT companies revenue.  




     Stockholm is one of the major cities of Sweden and it offers 24Mbps internet service for just $50 per. You may surprise! There is no Wi-Fi across the city but WiMAX which is similar as Wi-Fi provides wireless internet within a limited range.  



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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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Watch Live Tv Using VLC Media Player .

            You just want to watch live tv on your pc for free just follow the post. You don’t know how to watch and that too from VLC media player, seems funny right? That’s right.
           Firstly you have to download and install VLC Media Player, if you don’t have. You are already installed then no problem, go through it.
          Now open the VLC Media Player and select menu “Media”, which you find at left side at the top and the first option then you have to select “stream” present in the “Media” menu bar.

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Top8 Best Screen Recording and Capturing Software for Windows PC.

We are gathered all the best screen recording apps for windows (pc/laptop). You are just know that what are the screen recording software? What is the use of them? And finally, why you want them? Hope you have the answers for these all, that’s why you are standed here to get them as you want to get one of the best. I don’t want to discuss all the questions placed up because that’s the unnecessary thing and the waste of time. My aim is only to provide best thing to the readers at all. Don’t take much time let start…….

IceCream Screen Recorder:



It is the software from icecream apps, is accordingly complete a freeware program. It supports all the windows os. It offers some features they are:-

1>     Hotkey support

2>     Audio settings

3>     Screenshot to URL

4>     Clipboard feature

5>     Project history

Active Presenter:



One of the high quality video recoding software it makes things to be clear and explainable. The professional version is also available and the features are:-




Capture fox:




Its only records activity in the browser and its an firefox add-on. It’s a ultimate app for those who want to create tutorials for blogging and creating website. It records screen frame by frame. It also records sound clearly with video by microphone only. The app has an excellent features like one of among is the video quality can be adjusted. Drawback of this software is low frame rate.





The widely used software for screen recording and capturing. Its also a freeware program which also works as same as others and also the audio activity which made on monitor. You can able to hide your screen by this tool and get sound from multiple sources.




It’s the tool which helps those who are looking to upload instantly after recording the screen and it also supports all the versions of windows os. The feature of this software are:-

1>     Integrated video editor

2>     Speed control

3>     Speech synthesis     





Its also free software which also records audio with video only using microphone and video recording limited for 5minutes.  The software instantly records and captures and you can share them instantly through facebook, email which is offered by the software itself. Its an open source software




Its also work as same as other apps works and is also useful to create demonstrations and tutorials. By this software you can edit recordings to add text or voice and drawback of this software is “The software consumes a large memory for recording”.



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Sunday, 10 May 2015

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Get Best Free Antivirus in 2015.

              Antivirus software is must needed software for computer and which protects your computer from viruses, malwares etc. As you don’t want to pay for antivirus software go through free programs. There are plenty of free antivirus software available in the market, but they are not working well and that’s why you are here to know which are best. Here is the list of some best free best antivirus just download and install them..

A antivirus software is must needed thing for a computer

Top free antiviruses:

Avast! free antivirus:


            I personally suggest you to use it, the ultimate antivirus software and also gives the ultimate result. Which boost your pc performance. The program is very simple to install which doesn’t take much time as other apps, within short period of time you will get installation completed. The software is easy to handle and straight forward interface makes easy to use. You can quickly scan to find threats on your pc and after this you can fix them.
             Avast recently developed a “Grime Fighter” supports 12 additional languages an advanced console for more user control. It offers some features those are:

     Ø  Fast and quick than any other free antivirus program.

     Ø   Toolbox of the software has some custom options like quick scan, system scan and folder scan.


Microsoft security:


        The Microsoft security software provides real time protection to the pc. It is an antivirus program. It cleans spyware and viruses and other malicious programs in your pc. It offers some great features:-

    Ø  Automatic updatable for free (daily).

    Ø  You can download it directly from the Microsoft website for free.

    Ø  Easy to install and use.



      The free antivirus, which works silently in the background. It is also a free and cleans the threats and works efficiently without slowing down pc performance. Gives an excellent protection for pc and user friendly.


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Top free basic apps commonly used in computer.

   Nowadays awesome updated basic pc applications available in the market just go through them. I just provided new softwares only. You just want to know all the basic software, which are used for windows computer either you just purchased the computer or you formatted your pc. The most widely used os in the pc is windows. There are some softwares those should be in the newly purchased computer.
Here is the list of those softwares..Download and Install them… 


              After buying a pc you must have an antivirus which helps to save your pc from harmful threats, viruses, malwares, spywares…etc.

Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome:




               Here am saying about the widely used browsers in almost all people in windows. Its better to have these two browsers and the firefox is best.

Adobe Flash Player:



           Such a mind blowing products from adobe, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe reader and the list goes on below three are the basic softwares of pc and the products of adobe. You want to watch youtube videos then you must have this software on you computer or any type of videos.

Adobe Reader:


       This app helps to read books and pdf files, then you have to download this app..
Adobe photoshop:
             The best and most widely used photo editing software. Adobe comes with the many other products like this adobe dreamwear, adobe illustrator. Adobe illustrator is used for creating logos…  

Winzip  and 7 zip:


        The most widely used software for unpacking zip folders, because they have better compression ratio.



        The no.1 software in media player for windows which is ultimate, through this you can listen to music and watch movies and videos which we do in pc. It can play almost all formats of files and better to have this, because you can record video and capture the photos while playing video.

Internet download manager:


         IDM will increase your downloading speed ×5 times faster then feel how much speed is increased by this? Its just wow. Some are panic with this because of its not free software, for one month this completely free because 1 month trail then, What to do? Are you sick with this question? Its easy google it there are lot of duplicate keys and cracking software available in net. Just check it.



            It’s a best upgraded text editor of notepad for several programming languages and this is completely free. the best editor program till now.

Zone alarm firewell:


             The firewell software Which blocks dangerous websites and downloads. Which keeps recording and protects incoming and outgoing traffic, protecting you from hackers and other intruders.

Revo uninstaller:


            The powerful and fastest uninstaller and completely removes the files in the C disk after uninstalling a program through this software only, have it enjoy.

Microsoft office:


            The ms office is used in all the fields. The most of the people uses it, for business purpose. We cant imagine business without ms office…

C cleaner:

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Monday, 4 May 2015

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LAVA IRIS X8 Specifications,Review and Price.

One of the best  smartphone released in 2015. The master of multitasker and the phone is famous for ultra performance under 2GB RAM with Octa Core Processor which is main advantage to buy this phone. The phone can upgradable from kitkat to lollipop. Look at below to know complete review of phone and specs.


                         >2500mAh battery capacity

                         >Non removable battery

                         >5.00inch screen size(720×1280 pixels)

                         >1.4GHz Octa Core Processor(MediaTek MT6592)

                         >2GB RAM

                         >16GB Internal Storage

                         >Expandable storage up to 32GB

                         >8MP Rear Camera(flash)

                         >3MP Front Camera

                         >Android 4.4KITKAT

                         >16GB ROM

                         >Price -8999

Design Of IRIS X8:


The design of the smart phone as same as recently released IRIS X1. Weight of the phone little bit high that is 160gm and with the high thickness of 8.57mm and it also looks like iPhone 4s.
The phone has a two micro-sim slots and only one is supportable for 3g at the bottom of the cover with non-removable battery
                               The design of the phone is premium but the edge of the phone is little bit large. 

Gorgeous Display Of IRIS X8:


                                 The phone has IPS technology to the 12.7cm(5.0) HD display for wide viewing angles and ASAHI glass protection which protect the phone by scratches.
With high performance the phone is slightly reflective panel.

Camera of IRIS X8:


                             The phone has a 8MP primary camera(auto focus) with dual LED flash and a secondary camera with 3MP. The primary camera supports 1080p video recording.
                           Rear camera of the phone is not at all good but with ok performance the images captured in the day light looks like grainy and missed details.
                           Front camera is good for taking selfies and video chats.

 Performance and Battery backup of the IRIS X8:

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